I wanted to ease any stress by providing some answers to questions  you may have.
Thank you for your support and understanding.
When will you be reopen?
Second shutdown is over! We got the green light to reopen as of August 31st, 2020. 
Online booking is now open!
Do you make house calls?
I would love to do your hair, and miss my business. But it is  strictly against regulations to make house calls. I cannot risk my license, my business and do not want to receive fines for doing so. Thank you for your understanding. 
I haven't recieved any email updates, how do i get on the list?
Check your spam folder. I have emails set to resend after 5 days of not reopening just in case you missed it. Not on the list? Scroll down and add yourself to the list!
How do i make or reschedule an appointment? 
Online Booking is Now Open! Visit the BOOK NOW option to see what I have available. Would you like to have a virtual consulation? Scroll down and message me and we can chat.
How can I get hair product Curbside or delivered to my home?
You don't have to sacrifice your hair care needs during this time. We have teamed up with R+Co to order directly through them while still supporting the salon.  Don't know what to order? Send me a message and I can recommend a few products that will work for you!

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